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What the Credit Card Companies don't want you to know.

Private credit card Whistle Blower EXPOSES:

"Credit Card Companies are prejudice when it comes to zip codes. Use secret zip codes to get more access".


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Retired NYC Correction Officer went from correcting inmates to correcting the Health and Wealth of her clients.

After 20 years of service, I wanted to retire but couldn’t afford to retire because I was living paycheck to paycheck. But thanks to Credit Card Trading (trading bad debt for good debt), I retired myself at the young age of 45 and went on a traveling spree.

After getting tired of traveling, I became a Professional Student acquiring a combination in total of 13 certifications and license’s in Health and Finance to empower others to achieve what I have lived.

My goal is to Empower you by giving you the financial tools that will help you to retire early.

My goal is to Transform you into a Time Billion-Heir (CurrencyXChange).

Stop Trading Time for Money to do what you

L❤VE. You Decide.

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Want to afford anything?

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Want Access To Unlimited Credit?

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Looking to buy time?

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Stop Living Pay Check to Pay Check

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Learn to play the game of credit

Imagine Trading Credit Cards for time.

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Credit Card Trading Bullet Proof Systems Blue Print.

⬆ Float & Flow Chart ⬇

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How to Become the Bank

This Program is Not For Anyone With Fear

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Credit Card Portfolio (Diversity)

Prevent Bad Credit through Creditcation.

Credit Card Trading is Knowing How

Earn Unlimited Credit

How to Create a Monetary Eco System Utilizing Credit Cards & Credit Card Checks from different Financial Institutions. Incorporate Velocity Banking, Infinite Banking & Credit Card Trading to pay off All Credit Card Debt using (OPM) Other Peoples Money.

The Trinity of Financial Freedom.

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Breakdown of Credit Mechanics

This picture Represents the Body of Wealth as a Whole. (Spirit, Mind, Body, Soul & Words). In the Beginning was the Word (John: 1). Words are Powerful. Words can Create or Destroy. Mindset is Everything. Mindset Separates the Best from the Rest.

Learn Your Wealth Credit Rights, The Credit Card Companies Do NOT want You To Know

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Great companies start because the founders want to change the world, not make a fast buck

A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all.

what's included in the course

Budget Sheet

Float Chart (Re-Circulate Tracker)

Beginners Script to raise Capital with the Credit Card Company.

1 TradeLine w/CitiBank ($500 Value)

MWR Credit Repair Experts (1 Month Free)

Beginner Credit Card Training

Certificate after Completion

Course Curriculum

This step by step straight to the point program will effortlessly help you to achieve financial freedom without sacrificing your Health. Buying you more time to do what you love most.

Module 1: Know who you are

Module 2. Know Your Monthly Budget

Module 3. Best Practices When Applying for Credit

Module 4. Increasing Your Credit Line

Module 5. How Many Cards To Apply For?

Module 6. The Power Of Three Cards

Module 7. The Best Protection For Your Cash Credit

Module 8. The Secret To Securing A 0% APR Credit Card

Module 9. Co-Creating Generational Wealth


  • Monthly Budget Worksheet

  • The Flow Chart

  • Beginners Credit Card Scripts

  • Private Facebook Group

  • Access to Infinite Banking Expert

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course begin and when does it finish?

There is no time blocking of information or task needed to unlock the next video, you have full access immediately.

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How long do I have access to the course? 

Forever. Across all your devices. One payment gives you lifetime access. Including all future updates automatically.

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What is the refund policy?

No refunds. If you're not ready to invest in yourself, you're not ready to invest.

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Once you learn how to use debt as money... you will never say:

" I can't afford it".

Stop struggling. Let me show you how to achieve more by doing less.

Want to buy Time not using your money?... You decide.